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Rules of Engagement
There are several things you should know before you start shopping for a diamond engagement ring. A quality jeweler will work with you to help you find the perfect ring to suit your style and budget, but having a grasp on the "4 C's” is a good starting point when looking at diamonds:
  • Carat – is the unit of weight by which the diamond is measured. The more the diamond weighs, the more expensive it will be.
  • Clarity – most diamonds will contain some inner flaws that occurred during the formation process that will affect the visibility of the stone. Inclusions and blemishes are the two types of flaws found in diamonds. Inclusions are internal flaws such as cracks and blemishes are found on the surface such as scratches.
  • Cut – should not be confused with shape and refers to the reflective qualities of the diamond. A good cut will give the diamond its brilliance.
  • Colour – this refers to the presence or absence of colour in the stone. A colourless diamond allows for more refraction of light and is thus more desirable whereas a white diamond absorbs light obstructing its shine.
Clarity, colour and weight are established on your budget, so bigger is not always better. The fifth "C” that should be considered is the diamond's certificate which is an evaluation performed on the diamond by a qualified professional with the assistance of an exclusive "gemological instrument.”
Not all Diamond Certificates are Created Equal
There is much rarity and uniqueness in each diamond to be appreciated. When buying any type of diamond, you should ask for the diamond certificate containing the following information:
  • the polished diamond description detailing the "4 C's”;
  • a unique diamond identification number;
It is imperative to note that a diamond certificate is not the same thing as an appraisal. If a diamond comes without a certificate, you are buying it at your own risk in regards to its quality. Reputable diamond jewelers will only sell diamonds that are certified by the most highly accredited and impartial grading labs in North America, which include the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and Gem Scan (GS.) Some jewelers – including retail chains – use independent diamond graders to appraise stones who may give a higher grade than is warranted. The unwitting purchaser then pays more than the diamond is worth, and will likely never know of the inflated price.
Newmarket Diamond Experts
Wedding rings are an expression of love and commitment and should be produced according to the highest moral standards. It is wise to choose diamonds that are mined ethically without worker exploitation, violence or environmental devastation. An involved and concerned retailer will be happy to answer key questions such as:
  • Where is the diamond from?
  • Where was it cut?
  • Where does the diamond sit in its grade spectrum?
When buying diamonds, it is also completely acceptable to seek a second opinion, in fact it's in the best interests of a successful diamond retailer to encourage their customers to do so in order to have confidence in the gems they are purchasing. Trust diamond experts in Newmarket, when looking for unique engagement rings in Toronto and the GTA where wholesale prices are offered directly to the end consumer.
Client Testimonials
"From beginning to end, our experience with Vasken Jewellers has been a very positive one. We have had new rings designed, old rings restyled and earrings changed into pendants. All of our pieces are unique and exceptionally crafted.
During the design process we never felt rushed or pressured. Vasken was always honest and took the time to educate us along the way.”
Julie Mraz

"Vasken Jewellers is all about top quality fine jewellery and honest, caring service. As a long-time customer I continue to treasure my diamonds, bracelets, necklaces, and watch. Connecting with Vasken, Mahira, and the friendly staff is the icing on the cake. Vasken's knowledge about diamonds and gold is exemplary. We trust him with all of our jewellery purchases and have always been extremely pleased with his unique selection. We feel very fortunate to have such a beautiful jewellery store right here in Newmarket!”
Joanne and Paul Myers

"I am so happy that I have found this Jewellery store. For quite a while I was looking for a store that would carry unique pieces without a ridiculous price. I was referred to this store by a co-worker. She advised me to ask for a lady named Mahira, she has demonstrated great knowledge about the different stones that are used. She will never pressure you into buying something. The owner, Vasken is also very professional and approachable. Throughout his busy schedule, he always find the time to assist customers. At last, Vasken Jewellers is able to combine professionalism, uniqueness and affordability !!”
Ambengen Mapela

"I had the pleasure of first visiting Vasken Jewellers shortly before my wedding. Vasken did a wonderful job of walking my then fiancé, through the process of selecting the perfect engagement ring, and shortly after, helped us choose bands uniquely suited to each of us. His incredible knowledge and customer service make shopping in his store a wonderful experience. Vasken and his team are fantastic to work with and always a pleasure to see. Always going above-and-beyond, the staff at Vasken Jewellers even helped source a very specific piece I was looking to wear on my wedding day! Since then, I have taken family members to Vasken for their own personal and gift-giving needs and I can confirm that Vasken Jewellers truly has something to meet everyone's taste and needs - from classic diamond designs, to one-of-a-kind designer pieces. I would highly recommend a trip to Vasken Jewellers to purchase fine jewellery, or to just visit his incredible showroom. My husband has since referred many friends and co-workers looking to 'pop the question' to Vasken Jewellers and like us, they have all become very satisfied, happy customers!”

"While searching for the perfect engagement ring for my fiancée, Vasken Jewellers took care of all my
needs. The quality of the rings on display was gorgeous and could not look any better.
I went to over a dozen different jewelry stores and Vasken Jewellers was the only place to educate me
on different quality of diamonds and cuts before I made my decision. Vasken designed me a custom ring at a great price that my fiancée fell in love with. When it comes to jewelry I would only trust Vasken
because I know he will do the perfect job.”
Tom Halkidis
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